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2023 | CSN Café Podcast: Books at the Center
2021 | WiSER Podcast Season 3
OHGS_WiSER podcast_unsettlement1.jpg

Rosalind Morris, Isabel Hofmeyr, Yvette Christianse and Mpho Matsipa

OHGS_WiSER podcast_unsettlement2.jpg

Rosalind Morris, Johannes Machinya, Sarah Nuttall and Achille Mbembe

OHGS_WiSER podcast_lost books.jpg

Tinashe Mushakavanhu, Sarah Nuttall, Isabel Hofmeyr and Confidence Joseph

OHGS_WiSER podcast_unsettlement1.jpg

Charne Lavery, Jauquelyne Kosgei, Asma Sayed, Hedley Twidle and Betsy Nies

2020 | WiSER Podcast Season 2
2019 | WiSER Podcast Season 1
OHGS_WiSER podcast_below water line-1.jpg

Confidence Joseph, Ryan Poinasamy, Meghan Judge and Mapule Mohulatsi

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