This is an experiment in archive creation, where we sample the range of creative and critical work on this subject, that we hope will provide materials to prompt further questions. Like a cabinet of curiosities, we aim to feature interesting samples; like an aquarium, however, we embrace a more random and fluid approach than the colonial categories of the cabinet. Think of it as flotsam and jetsam of cultural production on the oceans from the relatively underrepresented parts of the world.


The process of curation, or sampling, is relatively free form. The only criteria are that it be related to the ocean (coastlines, submarine worlds, ports, maritime networks, ships, fish, bathymetry and so on); to the global south (the poorer parts of the world, the third world, the developing world, but also the southern hemisphere more loosely defined); and ideally also to the arts and humanities (literature, art, history, theatre, film, design, stories or science that engages the imagination in some way). 


Browse the curiosities as they swim, drift, float and flow past. And also send us your contributions! All we need is a link/image/text, and a single line or quote which indicates why this sparked your interest.